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最好的一體機為您提供所需的台式機電源,而無需佔用大量塔架或電纜。我們已經測試了十多種多合一台式機(Windows機器和Apple iMac),以找到可以購買的最佳台式機和顯示器組合。我們測試過的最好的一體機是華碩Zen AiO Pro Z240IE,它採用精美的4K顯示屏和獨立顯卡,融合了時尚的設計。 如果您正在尋找更便宜的產品,我們的價格選擇是Acer Aspire Z24,它以不到1,000美元的價格提供了一款出色的多功能PC。 台灣推薦王 -review.com.tw *已經有顯示器了嗎?查看適用於緊湊型台式機的最佳迷你PC *查看帶有10個便宜鍵盤(低於20美元)和最佳遊戲鼠標的一些配件對於那些想要一台出色的家用計算機的人來說,多合一台式機是一個不錯的中間地盤-它們佔用的空間比傳統台式機少,並且提供更多的屏幕空間甚至比最大的筆記本電腦還要大。這些獨特的系統將其組件,端口和顯示器整合到一個單元中,使您可以輕鬆地將其放在桌上,插入電源並開始工作(或娛樂)。 並一窺最新系統,請查看最近的故事,例如我們對傳聞中的Apple iMac 2020的了解,它可能會在3月底進行全面重新設計。 2020年最好的一體機 (圖片來源:未來)1。華碩Zen AiO Pro Z240IE整體最佳一體機 顯示屏:23.8英寸顯示屏,分辨率為3840 x 2160 |特殊功能:USB Type-C |處理器:Intel Core i7-7700T |顯卡:Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 1,789.99美元,可在Tiger DirectCheck亞馬遜上查看查看所有價格(共2個)12個亞馬遜客戶評論☆☆☆☆☆漂亮的4K顯示屏強大的通用性能USB Type-CDim顯示屏對現代遊戲的最小支持嗡嗡聲揚聲器華碩Zen AiO Pro Z240IE可提供強大的處理能力,分立的圖形和漂亮的4K觸摸屏,全部採用時尚但價格合理的設計。這款時尚的多功能一體機配備了Intel Core i7-7700T處理器和Nvidia GeForce 1050圖形卡,可提供強大的性能,華麗的4K顯示屏和健康的功能集。顯示屏可能更亮,但總體而言,根據我們的測試,這是最好的多合一計算機。 閱讀完整的華碩Zen AiO Pro Z240IE評論。 (圖片來源:宏cer)2。宏cer Aspire Z24最佳的多合一電腦價值 顯示屏:23.8英寸顯示屏,分辨率為1920 x 1080 |特色:Amazon Alexa |處理器:Intel […]

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy has the purpose of encouraging and rewarding the great deeds of workers, providers, customers, and the community at large. Business philanthropy is based on two chief principles: Charitable giving and also a dedication to economic empowerment. Business philanthropy has gained recognition as a way to increase corporate responsibility and the effect of the […]

The Acting Auditions Near Me

The acting auditions close to me expertise is excellent and rewarding. It is also very convenient to find out exactly what we will need to do to achieve our aim of a commercial theatre job. There are numerous benefits to locating a job at a commercial theatre and today more people want to operate in […]

Ba Stock Price

The dealer will make a profit or will probably be in losses will be based on the purchase price moment of the specific company’s share he or she’s trading in. Every trader would like to make countless, but realism needs to be adopted. Trading is done as a way to build wealth. Trading in the […]

Muscogee County Probate Court

With exec function, you will have to check there aren’t any embezzlement situation or something which could place the members of the decrease staff in danger, such as sexual abuse. Moreover, lots of those courts adjudicate traffic offenses along with a few hear misdemeanor cases. Following the court starts to talk about the pre-emption statute, […]

Intellectual Property Lawyers – What Do They Do?

The property isn’t considered treasure trove unless the identity of the owner can’t be ascertained. Lost or mislaid property is still owned by whoever lost or mislaid it. It’s crucial to safeguard intellectual property, as it might constitute corporate assets that will be exploited. Intellectual property is made up of distinctive things which you’ve made […]

Lawyers In Atlanta

The lawyers demand a quantity of money based on the seriousness of this situation and the duration it is anticipated to go on till the time that it’s decided in the court of law . Bankruptcy attorneys would likewise help to assess the options concerning bankruptcy’s sort that must be filed. Selecting an attorney in […]

Wills Law Firm

Over that which you’d anticipate from a law firm. Ahead of the actual estate closing, the Bush Law Firm can help with getting the transaction prepared for the final. After the true estate closure, our law firm profits to work on the document to be certain that all the requirements are satisfied. Possessing a neighborhood […]